Stealing ideas sounds a little bad. But don't rush through it because it will provide you with things no one teaches to shine in marketing.

Marketing secrets by steve cone

Trust me!

Because Steve Cone, the author of this very book, has successfully applied and became a master in Marketing. And a strange thing is that he would be happy if someone "stole" his and successfully applied it.

Don't read it right away, I have 3 important NOTES for you before reading it:

  • The first thing: This is a marketing book and if you don't know anything about marketing, don't worry. Since it is interpreted in the most understandable language that only you can read, you will understand.
  • The second thing: Don't forget to take you pencil and paper with you because you can steal a lot of ideas from this book.
  • The third: Keep it and read it many times, because you will need it when ideas do not come to you.

Somebody said that the book doesn't mention marketing much. I see another. Indeed the book is not just how you have to do it step by step. In return, each step is described in a very realistic

way through each of the success stories. From those stories, each person will learn different lessons to apply to his work. A very creative interpretation of the author.

Stealing ideas will be helpful for those who are new to Marketing. Because marketing is not an easy job. To shine in this area requires you to have a solid foundation, constantly updating the knowledge and news in life. That is still not enough. New innovation is the key to survival in this industry.

If you are a new, do not rush to care about it. The first thing to do is to learn to have a solid root for yourself. The fastest way is to learn from those who went first. Learn from success, failure of brands in the world.

Marketing secrets by steve cone

This book has helped you to sum up all those lessons in a concise and objective way. It does not go deep in analysis so you have an overview and enlighten the lesson through each story. Obviously, it will have a separate summary at the end of the book, but you can also filter for yourself the most useful lessons.

I have a little advice for you when you read this book, so bring with you a notebook and pen. To note the ideas you may need. Applying 1/10 of the ideas in this book is enough to give you a certain place in the industry.

Well, Steve Cone will also give you some notices. For example, do not use white letters on a bold background to advertise. For example, the customer is like your wife, but the wife is 57 years old and can't see the tiny lines. Or do not consult the advertising from the design director and that the content is more important than the design...

Note that you will find that you have quite a lot of ideas to act on. No kidding.

I found this book very interesting and useful but it would be clichéd because it was just because I said that you had to buy this book.

Feel free to enjoy the stories, learn the methods outlined in each page and most importantly: don't hesitate to steal ideas. Remember, these are the secrets no one has ever taught you before and are all you need to truly shine in marketing - right now, without waiting for another generation or two!

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