Author: Michael Phillips - Salli Rasberry

Marketing without advertising

Advertising-free Marketing provides new generation of entrepreneurs with the basic theories needed to develop a low-cost marketing plan that does not rely on advertising. However, this is not only a book about business philosophy, but also includes a full range of detailed suggestions on how to incorporate an effective marketing plan, from tutorials on how to build business images, determine prices, employee and supplier relationships, accessibility, open business, support customers to many other topics...

Marketing means running a first-class business and letting people know about it. All your company's actions show a marketing message. Building a business image is not a product of a public relations company, but a reflection of what you do and how you do it.

A smart ad is what goes into people's minds. The truth is, most of us know very little about advertising and only understand marketing in general. As marketing experts for your business, we know it better than anyone else.

When entering the international market, many businesses have met with failures due to cultural behavioral challenges in a multicultural environment. One of the difficulties is the misunderstanding and the opposite view due to the differences between the cultures of the partners.

Therefore, behavioral culture in business, attaching importance to sustainable development is an important factor in corporate governance, especially in the integration period.

According to Michael Phillips and Salli Rasberry in their book "Marketing Without Advertising", behavioral culture not only encapsulates within the enterprise, but also extends to the outside environment.

In order to achieve success and be rewarded in business, instead of using costly, useless advertising methods, focus on providing outstanding quality services from which customers will find you. Marketing without advertising will provide you with highly effective marketing strategies with extremely modest costs to help you: Attract customers back, Make the most of the Internet, Attract the media attention, Encourage customers to convey positive messages about your business,... Let this book help you turn the impossible into possible ...

Marketing without advertising - provides you with highly effective marketing strategies with extremely modest costs to help you:

  • Attract customers back
  • Encourage customers to convey positive messages about your business
  • Turn fastidious customers into loyal customers
  • Organize marketing events at low cost
  • Make the most of the internet
  • Attract the attention of the media

This book has been updated and added many practical examples along with excel spreadsheets and valuable resources.

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