Author: Philip Kotler

Principles of Marketing is a book that can be seen as classics, a "bible" for anyone who wants to study marketing. Because it contains almost ALL of what you need to know about marketing - from definitions, arguments, principles, to applications, real-life examples. The original of the book is in the curriculum of many universities around the world. Not only that, books are constantly being edited, re-compiled, updated with information, new case study to suit the constantly changing economic situation - so far come the 14th version.

Principles of marketing

Because of the huge amount of knowledge, extremely meticulous, detailed, this is not a book for you who just want to learn about marketing or "read for making conversation" it is only better suited for those who intend to dig, research, or work in this area. Even then, you will need a considerable amount of time to read and "absorb" all the information inside, even keeping with you for years.

That is one reason why the book "Principles of Marketing" of Professors Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong became an exciting product; it is not only applicable within the enterprise but also extends its impact to all those who read it, regardless of location. For two decades now, the book has been considered the most typical classic academic work of marketing, and some are also called "the market".

Principles of Marketing is designed to help students capture and apply perspectives and basic practices of modern marketing when applied to all kinds of situations: in product and service companies, business and consumer markets, profit and non-profit organizations, international and national companies, and large businesses and small businesses.

As most of his marketing works, Philip Kotler not only provides theoretical systems but also presents specific solutions in specific contexts. Philip Kotler's marketing, in a way, is the lead of thought, to dominate the minds of customers. In this Principles of marketing, marketing issues have been updated most recently by Philip Kotler, but there are also key issues that are always repeated, such as "Socially responsible marketing", or "Business to make the world better".

The most up-to-date and well-illustrated book, stories are told to help readers have a more comprehensive look. Besides, at the end of the chapter, there are situations which are provided for readers to analyze and evaluate to improve the efficiency of content acquisition. Overall, the book is a good, quality content for those who need to learn about marketing.

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