Today, for many different reasons, traditional marketing is almost no longer effective. Up to 75% of new products and services were born but it could not stand in the market and had to be lost, leading to the bitter failures of investors.

Many advertising campaigns are very loud and extremely expensive, but ultimately it leaves no mark on the minds of customers. Direct mail to customers rarely receives feedback of up to 1%. Most of the products in circulation are only regarded as interchangeable goods rather than strong brands.

Ten deadly marketing signs

So why does inefficient marketing correspond to the investments that people spend? Is marketing now suffering from very serious shortcomings and weaknesses that the author thinks are fatal mistakes?

After elaborate research on modern marketing, under a new perspective, new methodology, Kotler discovered ten weaknesses and explained in Ten Deadly Marketing Signs - Signs And Solutions.

Using the method of listing, the author will in turn briefly, concise the actual mistakes in marketing of companies, its manifestations and signs and propose very specific remedies.

Each chapter is the name of a mistake, signs of that mistake and how to fix it.

These are not discrete patching measures, but long-term, strategic, long-term solutions to the marketing problems of businesses in the 21st century. Companies can avoid mistakes when applying those solutions and build a marketing strategy that can turn from a loss to a profit.

This writing makes the book convincing and highly practical. Especially for small and medium enterprises that have just come out of the market.

Referring to a topic of hot business times, the Ten Deadly Marketing Signs is a must read for marketers who want to remain competitive in a market full of challenges.

The wisdom of breadth, depth of marketing in the field that only Kotler has, this is an indispensable source of knowledge for every entrepreneur, first of all the marketers in the company.

In addition, new products are now failing miserably. Most advertising campaigns do not feature anything in the minds of customers. Direct marketing messages rarely reach 100% response rates. Most products are only regarded as interchangeable goods, not strong brands.

Why is there such a situation? Why does marketing become ineffective?

  • The company does not penetrate the market and does not meet customers' requirements.
  • The company does not understand its target customers.
  • The company does not track its competitors.

These are three of the 10 drawbacks that Phillip Kotler - the leading marketing expert - is the worst in contemporary marketing. In this book, Kotler will analyze for us 10 deadly mistakes in marketing, as well as 10 major causes of the above tragic situation of marketing. Devoting each chapter to a drawback, Kotler first lists signs and symptoms that a company is suffering from. Next, he will set out key improvements to enhance the company's performance, practical and effective solutions to rectify failed marketing efforts. These are not patchy measures but real long-term solutions to long-term problems

“Ten Deadly Marketing Signs” have provided fundamental topics that every marketer needs to have. This is a must-read book for marketers who want to maintain competitive strength in a growing and challenging market.

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