The Four by Scott Galloway is one of the best books to read when analyzing business strategies and how to make big deals of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

the four great books you should read about the nature of amazon apple facebook and google

The Four immediately attracted the attention of readers when it debuted. The book immediately became the best-seller of the New York Times, which is translated into 22 languages around the world. This book is considered to “face-to-face” touch the business of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

Scott is an investor who founded 9 companies including L2, Red Envelope and Prophet. He also made the list of the 50 Best Business Professors in the world of the Poets & Quants information site in 2012. His weekly series of Winners and Losers on YouTube has attracted tens of millions of views. So, what does the work of a "super" business professor appeal to readers?

the four great books you should read about the nature of amazon apple facebook and google

First, this is the work that is “face-to-face” touching the business story of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, the four most influential businesses on the planet today. With utmost respect, Professor Scott Galloway recognizes the success and successful journey of the most famous names in this technology world. The numbers, the comparisons that the author gives readers the ability to imagine how “Great mandarin” are. Going into the business strategy of the top four names, Scott Galloway simultaneously explained each decision, each major deal that these businesses have made. He conceives, understands the choice of the power quartet to understand the business model and how they create value in the digital age.

However, what makes Scott Galloway's work extremely attractive is because he did not hesitate when proving and understanding of the world about the four power names are... almost wrong. Breaking out of the mysterious smoke surrounding the four powers to cover his eyes, he stripped off the golden mask of the powerful four to dissect their superhuman strategy and manipulation, thereby helping readers learn and apply those techniques to their own careers.

In the first half of the book, the author takes readers into the process of examining each cavalry guy and analyzing their strategies. What can other businesses learn from these strategies? In the second part, we see how the quartet's competitive strengths are identified, and see how their new business is progressing. In addition, the author also shows readers how “the four” protects their market.

In a very gentle manner, Scott Galloway takes the reader from surprise to surprise. Not only does it stop at the four big names, the author expands the picture, giving readers a panoramic view by looking at other bright technology candidates, from Netflix to Alibaba, a miniature Amazon of China, then Uber and the giants for a time like IBM, Microsoft... to find the answer to the question, can they return to the track? Which of them is likely to develop a more dominant platform than the current quartet? Who will be able to become the fifth cavalry? And, where does the four take people to?

Exposing the business nature of the four businesses is greatly affecting human life, but Scott Galloway's Four Great Power does not confuse readers. His conversation with the reader is valuable as he and his readers look at themselves, see what career characteristics help us survive and be able to benefit in this powerful era of The Four. As the famous businessman Calvin McDonald, Sephora's CEO, Scott Galloway is brutally honest and bold, but this book will force you to change your way of thinking.

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