The breakthrough is often from people who do not follow the routine and common standards and thanks to their abilities to make use of all available tools. Logical, creative, intuitive and analytical; internal force and external motivating factor, expert or beginner thinking, all are essential aspects that made the person. Dear my valued friends, we still ask why there are people that may become leaders, owners of big corporations, billionaires? Are they more conducive than us from the beginning, they know things we have not learnt or they have a power that we don't have. Numerous speculative sentences have been asked, while the answer is one: their minds and thinking are different. Often those who want to succeed have different mindsets from the majority, with the mindset that we called breakthrough. To help people better understand breakthrough thinking 1980 Books published a book by Johnah Sachs entitled Change unsuccessful breakthrough thinking (unsafe thinking).

the newer your thinking the greater the success

Successful breakthrough thinking are written to show ways of thinking that break out or go against the majority, based on specific research, clearly and perfectly satisfactory examples that bring persuasion to readers.

The dangers of safety

the newer your thinking the greater the success

Right at the beginning, Johnah Sachs gave a series of concrete examples to illustrate the "unsafe" things. Specifically, the opening describes the end of a press conference announcing the new name of a small baseball team called "Yard Goats". The team was received cold and cruel reaction from the fans. All negative comments from public are headed to this team. Jason Klein ignored the criticism and followed their own strategy. Klein was a groundbreaking thinker who chose to stand still and observe the rapid change, instead of seeing chaos as, he saw opportunities.

Not just mentioning Klein, there are many other names and stories mentioned. Like Free Range with the famous animated film The Matric or The Story of Stuff. Even Barry Marshell, who was ridiculed by the medical community and his wife, who was kicked out of the house by believing that his incurable disease could be cured; but the belief helped him win the Nobel Prize.

Why does the author say these things? Those are the proofs of the breakthrough thinking. They all have opposite thought from the rest. And this crazy way of thinking created big names in different fields of the world.

I found that rather than learning how to constantly face anxiety, they take risks regardless of difficulties and respond with criticism to challenge themselves.

Breakthrough Thinking

the newer your thinking the greater the success

Breakthrough thinking is as an essential skill in life today. You are not born with the ability. Sometimes our thinking is default in a safety and comfort zone; we just can't escape the patterns that have been molded into our brains before. Or as the author relates it with “hill climbing thinking”.

"Hill climbing thinking" does not have an effective "shortcut" for success; so we need to fight to overcome. It is just one of dozens of complexities within the human neurological structure, which through evolution makes us feel safe and familiar. Instead of agreeing and compromising as a habit, we need to ask more questions to clearly and accurately understand the problem.

Examples of this thinking is also a symbol specifically to American its education system has made safety thinking a national norm. Johnah Sachs has carefully analyzed his research and pointed out her good findings. But the practical application from that theory obviously is very difficult and challenging. From his research and experimentation, Johnah Sachs has drawn his own routes to escape from safe thinking, safe areas to breakthrough thinking; and carefully described in his work.

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